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Christian Ducroux Exspectatia 2019

Christian Ducroux Exspectatia 2019

Region: Beaujolais, France

Varietal: Gamay

Notes: I first had this wine at Montezuma's in Paris with their towering wine cellar lit like a shrine behind the bar. Luckily I was with a good friend who motioned me to the front and I watched the guy behind the bar dig deep into the back of the cellar and pulled out a bottle of Christian Ducroux 'Exspectatia'. Of course the wine was insane but as the sommelier waxed poetic about his impeccable farming and his desire to downsize his vines in order to maintain quality and be able to farm it himself I could feel the wine coming alive....... dramatic........ I don't care because this wine for me is special and from a human who cares deeply about his land, overall impact and creating a pure expression of his terroir. Certified Demeter Biodynamic, plowing by horse and practicing regenerative agriculture for over 35 years, enjoy!

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