Vino from the Van 

When it comes to Midtown, there’s no big investors or deep pockets pulling the strings. Our community started in parking lots at C Street and Emma Wood: selling wine from the trunk of our car, drinking in our wetsuits, and forming new friendships. Soon, our community grew and we started hosting parties in warehouses throughout Ventura. We didn’t start with a shop in mind, just a place for good stories and neighborhood bonds that separate Ventura from the big cities and other beach towns.

From C Street to Main Street

When we found this gem on Main St., we immediately jumped at the chance to build out our dream space, pulling together everything we had, and grabbing our friends to help us along the way. Together, Midtown is a neighborhood shop that reflects the values of our community: creative, unpretentious, and welcoming. A place born out of human connection and timeless truths that never go out of style.

Wine for Ventura

We know that wine culture can be intimidating, egotistical, even snobby - but that’s the last thing we want. Opening Midtown Wines wasn’t about making what we do exclusive: it was about expanding the trunk of our car and getting a parking lot big enough to host the entire block. From our very first bottle, Midtown was wine for Ventura. And that won’t ever change.