• Amevive Estate 'Périphérie' 2023

Amevive Estate 'Périphérie' 2023

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A cofermented field blend of Marsanne and Syrah from the old vines. These vines are part of the original plantation by Charlotte Young in 1971. The 2023 vintage marks these vine’s 52st harvest. This wine comes from the far western side of the property. While the rest of the old vines in the vineyard have reasonable 3ft shoots, and moderately sized clusters, the “peripherie” row has sometimes 10ft long canes sprawling onto the floor and often football sized clusters. It didn’t make sense to put this anomaly section into the block designate wines. So, with an ode to the traditional way of harvesting and in an effort to make a fresh wine out of a serious vineyard, I made a co-fermented field blend. 

Delicate yet fairly formal. Light, alive, easy, crushable.

  • Region

    Los Olivos, California

  • Varietal

    Field Blend

  • Pairing

    Wild Mushrooms, Sautéed Veggies, Mental Health Days

  • Style